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DateTimeFieldDstHomeVisitorHome ScoreVisitor ScoreGame ID
11/15/20166:00 PMTinsley 1 Parkway BoysAirline Boys15314
11/17/20166:15 PMFreedom Field 3TAirline BoysNorthwood Boys31548
11/18/20167:30 PMFreedom Field 3TAirline BoysNorth Desoto Boys41560
11/19/20161:15 PMFreedom Field 3TOuachita BoysAirline Boys20575
11/28/20167:45 PMByrd*Byrd BoysAirline Boys012
11/29/20166:00 PMTinsley 1 Airline BoysCaptain Shreve Boys01339
12/1/20168:00 PMTinsley 3TAirline BoysHaughton Boys10650
12/2/20166:45 PMTinsley 3TBossier BoysAirline Boys21665
12/9/20165:30 PMFreedom Field 1*Airline BoysPineville Boys238
12/12/20167:45 PMNatchitoches*Natchitoches BoysAirline Boys0114
12/13/20166:00 PMTinsley 1 Benton BoysAirline Boys11242
12/16/20168:00 AMSt FredericksTNeville BoysAirline Boys42784
12/17/20162:15 PMSt FredericksTUnion Parish BoysAirline Boys03786
12/17/201611:45 PMSt FredericksTTioga BoysAirline Boys00785
1/3/20176:00 PMNatchitoches Natchitoches BoysAirline Boys03516
1/5/20177:15 PMTinsley 1*Airline BoysWest Monroe Boys8220
1/9/20176:00 PMTinsley 3 Airline BoysNorth Caddo Boys31405
1/10/20177:30 PMTinsley 3 Airline BoysBossier Boys02235
1/17/20177:45 PMLee Hedges*Caddo Magnet BoysAirline Boys1032
1/20/20176:00 PMTinsley 1 Airline BoysParkway Boys30438
1/23/20177:45 PMTinsley 2*Airline BoysSouthwood Boys8038
1/26/20176:00 PMTinsley 1 Airline BoysSt Fredericks Boys01451
1/31/20176:00 PMTinsley 2 Airline BoysByrd Boys12436

If your schedule shows 3/1 for a game, it means the game needs to be rescheduled by your coach. Contact him/her for the new date. If your schedule shows 3/2 for a game, it indicates that this was an out of town game that was played but we received incomplete information.